We are committed to sustainability and driven by digitalisation.

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Roadmap2025. Copyright: Liechtensteinischer Bankenverband.

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NFT of our Roadmap2025 visualisation.

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Help us fight climate change and take responsibility for future generations, by participating in our innovative and forward-thinking initiative.

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We have created a visualisation of our Roadmap2025 strategy for the banking sector. It serves as an important guideline for the entire Liechtenstein banking sector to achieve the defined goals for positive long term development.

Claim your climate-positive NFT of the LBA Roadmap2025 and move with us into
a climate-positive future.

How to claim your NFT

Visit the NFT claiming page by clicking the button below.
Enter your name, your email address and your Polygon crypto wallet address. (If you do not have a wallet, please see the instructional video below to set one up)
Click ‘Send my code’ to receive your OTP passcode.
Enter the OTP passcode in the required field.
Click Claim NFT.

The first group of NFTs were available only to employees of LBA members. From 23rd November these NFTs will be publicly available to all, first come, first served, distributed on a weekly basis. 1 NFT claimable per person. NFTs are claimable using a Torus or MetaMask wallet.

Claim your Roadmap2025 NFT

Show your commitment to sustainability
and digitalisation.

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Then, make a strong statement against climate change and for a good cause!

The LBA has fulfilled its commitment to be climate neutral through the years 2021 and 2022, through these NFTs retiring its total CO2 footprint

The KlimaDAO Carbon Retirement dApp (Decentralized Application) has been used to retire the LBA’s CO2 footprint, with each of the 500 NFTs including an embedded link to the LBA’s pledge dashboard representing the retirement of carbon assets invested in the the REDD+ Matavén Project supporting reforestation in Colombia.

Upgrade your NFT and offset your carbon footprint for one whole year

To further support the initiative and its positive environmental impact, you will soon have the opportunity to upgrade your static NFT to a dynamic animated artwork, for an additional contribution of CHF 50 in carbon offsetting tokens. This amount corresponds to the cost of offsetting the average carbon footprint of a resident in Liechtenstein for one whole year.

Further details of how to upgrade your NFT will be announced shortly after the first launch.

Roadmap2025 NFTs are carbon offset
through the KlimaDAO project.

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Please visit the KlimaDAO website for further information.