NFT Claiming Policy

These NFTs issued by the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) are a digital representation of our Roadmap 2025 visualisation. The intention of the NFTs is to open up the possibility for employees and our stakeholders to become ambassadors for our values of “sustainability” and “digitalisation” and thus also for the mentioned Roadmap 2025, as well as to make a clear statement. Hence, each of the total 500 NFTs has an educational, communicational and engagement purpose.

From a technical point of view, the NFTs have been created on the Polygon blockchain using the ERC-1155 standard. The scarcity, the authenticity and the provenance (history of its ownership) of the NFTs can be verified publicly on the said blockchain. The NFTs are non-fungible, unique and cannot be exchanged with one another.

The NFTs do not contain any financial value and are not intended to represent a financial instrument or investment opportunity. All NFTs can be claimed free of charge. They are not intended to generate any income. The only link to a monetary benefit is that the NFTs contain a QR code that leads to our LBA dashboard at KlimaDAO, through which we have retired our unavoidable CO2 emissions at our expense. There are no additional services connected with the NFTs issued.

The NFTs issued by the LBA do not constitute an offer or recommendation to purchase NFTs, cryptocurrencies or any other digital assets.

The NFTs are issued under Liechtenstein law. Before launching the NFTs, the LBA has discussed and evaluated with the competent Liechtenstein Financial Markets Authority (FMA) whether this would require any licensing which has proved not to be the case.